Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing: Email or Social Media?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing: Email or Social Media?

Long gone are those days when people used to carefully plan their schedule according to the Black Friday sales. They had to fight crowds, get in line and devise strategies on how to get their hands on a special item on sale before stocks finish. Now Black Friday is all online and on your mobile so people no longer have to go through that entire procedure.

Last year most of the online retailers made their profits through the search engines driven visitors and direct customers. However, the surprising thing is that email followed very closely behind these functions and produced an impressive 18% of the total figure of sales during the Black Friday shopping festival. However, to determine whether it proved to me much better than social media you have to compare both of them.

However, the numbers for social media are very disappointing and they only contributed 1% of the Black Friday sales. This puts social media at almost the same position as Digital Display. This shows that email was almost 18 times more successful at generating sales than social media.

Another thing to consider when comparing the two is that email performed much better because of its attribution method. The analysts have compiled the data and gathered statistics to show the overall impact of digital marketing on sales. Even though direct visits bring in more revenue, email continues to play a major role in Black Friday shopping as it reminds consumers of those retail outlets they may not have considered to visit during the season.

Sales that were driven due to the viewing of an email and then consequently visiting the website at a later point in time are also categorized as direct traffic. This underestimates the number of sales driven from an email marketing campaign. The numbers would have been much higher if the customer’s erratic spending habits were accounted for. Most shoppers act on impulses and that is why it is difficult to measure their spending patterns.

The bottom line is that even though social media is effective at communicating with customers it is not the way to go when marketing Black Friday deals online. Email is better at getting people to visit the site, drive traffic and convert the visitors to buyers. So this Black Friday shopping weekend be sure to send out personalized emails to all those on your subscription list.

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